We have been clients of Dave's for over 20 years. During that time Beavercreek Landscape has professionally landscaped two homes for us, including two paver patios. Customer satisfaction is the #1 priority, which is why we refer friends and neighbors to Beavercreek Landcape.

— Bruce & Jane H., Oakwood, Ohio

I asked Dave and his crew to stop by our home when the back yard was extremely soggy after a heavy rain. Too wet to walk on. I asked if he could drain the water away from the yard. After an inspection he determined that the back yard would drain by gravity to the street which was 200 feet away. I was skeptical at first; however, since Beavercreek Landscaping completed the work, I have a yard that drains quite well after it rains - a vast improvement over the water problem that plagued me for 30 years.

— BWT, Beavercreek, Ohio

I wanted to write a little note thanking you for the wonderful job you did for me last year when you filled in my pool and regraded the back yard. It occurred to me that you all did a superb job as I've been reading the Facebook posts of all my friends who are complaining of all the mud and pond sized puddles in their back yards. Initially I thought "what are they talking about"? But then I realized that the reason we are not experiencing any ponding issues is because you guys re-graded our yard last year! I later found out that our next door neighbor was terrified that his yard would flood once our pool was removed, as it had prior to the pool going in. But he has had no problem at all! Thanks again for the awesome job!

— Christi D, Beavercreek, Ohio

Recently we undertook a major home renovation project that encompassed every area of our home, both in and out. The project lasted from March through October and landscaping, as is often the case, was not part of the original project. As a result we were tempted, being over budget and out of time, to opt for something to "just get it done."

Luckily we had used Beavercreek Landscape in the past, so we asked them to have a look. They were able to show us through design and consultation that cutting corners would not only leave us dissatisfied but would detract from the finished project, and end up costing more in the long run. We decided to take their advice and pursue their design.

The outcome was incredible. It turned out to be the icing on the cake of the entire project. From the upscale curb appeal, to the deck area with a lush private garden feel that we enjoy as much as anything.

Beavercreek Landscaping's knowledge and professional experience shows in all elements of their work, from consultation and design to quality of work and follow through. I would highly recommend Beavercreek Landscaping. They know how to get it right the first time!

— Dan & Bev R., Covington, Ohio

Just a couple of lines to let you know the men that came to our house to do the landscape we agreed upon worked very efficiently to clean the leaves from the plants and shrubs, put down pre-emergent, fertilized plants and put down mulch in all beds, front and back of house. It looks very nice and keeps the dogs from digging. Now they can run on this mulch and not get full of mud. Thank you for a job well done.

— Dick & Rose W

We contacted Beavercreek Landscaping on a Friday in dire need of help with our flooded basement. The drainage system around our home had failed and they came to our rescue the next day by installing a sump pump and diverting the gutters away from the house. Our basement had to be gutted and refinished but is an enjoyable part of our home again.

We have since called them to remove the 20 year old shrubs from in front of our home, which we thought would be a mess due to the huge root systems. They did this without even disturbing the flowers that were growing along side the shrubs or hurting the lawn. Then they came back and installed a wall and new plants and shrubs and it looks great.

I would definitely recommend Beavercreek Landscaping. The guys are all very friendly and easy to work with and their attention to detail is really uncommon these days.

— George & Patti R, Beavercreek, Ohio

We found Beavercreek Landscape by accident and we're glad we did. We first used them for several major drainage problems in our yard. They did a great job installing drainage tile that has corrected the standing water problem in our flat back yard. Their work was timely and they paid attention to detail.

They also created and installed a new landscape design for the front of our house that updates the look in our older neighborhood. They worked with me to select the right bushes and trees that make the most out of the house.

Their customer service is the best I've seen, very responsive and they guarantee their work. I highly recommend them for any landscape project, large or small.

— J. Hall, Beavercreek, Ohio

I would like to take a moment and thank you all for your hard work and dedication for my landscape needs. I appreciate having the weed free beds maintained regularly and the bush and tree trimming being done automatically along with the fertilization. It takes a load off of our schedule to have all of this on a regular basis and our 1.3 acre yard looks fabulous thanks to your expertise. I have come to learn how important the regular landscape maintenance can make such a big difference and simply cutting and trimming my grass is the easy part. Which I enjoy now because the big stuff is taken care of professionally. I look forward to many more years of service from your great team. Thank you Beavercreek Landscape!

— Jan M. Beavercreek,OH

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our paver patio. Your crew was a pleasure to work with and did an excellent job. The entire process was much easier than I anticipated and the results are amazing.

— Katie W.

In March 2007 Beaverceek Landscape and Nursery installed a drainage system in our backyard because we had serious flooding and drainage problems. The system that was installed works great! No more unwanted ponds in our backyard, yeah! They did exactly what they said they would do at the price they quoted.

They were professional, knowledgeable, and great with which to work. We highly recommend them!

— Marina & Mike D., Beavercreek, Ohio

Beavercreek Landscaping just finished some work for my business. They worked quickly, did a terrific job, and did exactly what we asked for. They left the job looking great and unlike some other landscaping firms in the past, we didn't have to clean up after they left. I look forward to working with Dave and his team in the future.

— Michael B., Fairborn, Ohio

I just want to thank you for the time you spent with me last week reviewing my concerns with a few trees that were close to the house. As I mentioned to you during your visit, I called your company due to the background of education, college degrees, that you and your sons have as well as the experience that you all have, which was listed on your web site. I specifically was looking to work with individuals that are able to provide information on how to improve my landscape and how to keep it growing to its fullest potential, not a group of people that show up do the work and leave a bill.

I greatly appreciated the fact that you told me what needed to be done with a few trees and plants, then showed me how to trim and maintain them, and then talked to me about why this process was necessary to ensure a healthy plant. I have spent 30 years in education and we stress the process of providing new information, demonstrating the skills, and allowing students to practice the skills to reinforce the information that was presented. What I received from you on your visit was a mini lesson on landscape maintenance, which was more than what I expected but exactly what I needed!

I look forward to working with your company for the years to come.

— Mike B. Bellbrook, OH

Our patio area was shaded by several large trees (no grass and many tree roots above the ground), not a very usable area. Mark designed an amazing landscape plan that included a circular paver patio, stone walks and walls and steps, and shade appropriate plants. Mark and his crew came on time, removed many troublesome tree roots, and installed a beautiful back yard area that exceeded our expectations. He and his crew were timely, did a fantastic installation job, cleaned up every day, and were very nice. We highly recommend them to solve landscape problems from design to installation to completion, they do a fantastic job.

— Ojars and Margaret S.

I had a rather unconventional project in that I designed a fence to match an existing arbor that was part of a theme I wanted to carry throughout my yard and garden. So the fence had to be stick built and had to be so from somewhat touchie feelie directions from me. Also part of this project was the design/build of a paver patio and fire pit as part of a workshop conversion.

I could not be more pleased with the outcome. The fence is gorgeous. It really carried out what I had visualized and it is gratifying to see that what was banging around in my head could look that beautiful. The paver patio is perfect. I cannot wait for the drought to be over so I can use the fire pit!

Everything was executed with the utmost professionalism, empathy and respect. Mark was so easy to work with, he is a really fine young man. I am so looking forward to the other projects I have in mind for the yard.

— Rhea S.

The Dietz's Beavercreek Landscaping Service is wonderful! They truly offer one of the finest Landscape/Nursery services in the Dayton area. They are the Best because of their honesty, trustworthiness, reliability, professionalism and expert knowledge. All jobs - great or small get their full attention. Customer satisfaction is always their goal. Tasks are carried out in a friendly manner. You can count on being a satisfied customer due to their listening skills of hearing what the customer desires, then following thru with helpful suggestions and an attitude of that's "Not A Problem."

Whatever they do for you, the job will be viewed as incredibly special and will be completed in a timely manner as weather permits. As clients, we have had numerous services performed at various times during our association. Some of these services include a large paver patio, pavers front and rear sidewalks with steps, outside lighting, seeding and grading the yard, replacing driveway with gravel, tree removal planning and execution, critter control, and a unique landscaping design with minimal maintenance needed.

We chose the BEST and do not hesitate to recommend them!

— Ron & Verona B, Beavercreek, Ohio

Beavercreek Landscape did a great job at our house. Unlike other firms we have worked with, they pay attention to small details. We appreciate the landscaping they did for us, and would recommend them to friends.

— Russ & Connie C., Carlisle, Ohio

Beavercreek Landscaping provided us with a beautiful outdoor living area. Mark's design was "tops"! Scott and his crew were very professional, on time, hard working, and always cleaned up each day. We would recommend anyone to Dave Dietz and his sons at Beavercreek Landscape. They have been great to work with.

— Steve & Barb C., Beavercreek, Ohio