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Stone Retaining Walls

Stone retaining walls are a very natural way to hold back soil compared to man made retaining walls.  They create a more level space for you to work with and seem to blend into the landscape.  The picture on the right is a mixed stone wall made of different types of stones.  We can also do walls with large boulders and stone outcroppings.  The boulders can weigh between 200-1000 lbs. so you can rest assured the stones will be there for years to come.  We also use stone outcroppings which are as heavy as boulders but more rectangular and flat.  Outcroppings are great for natural stairways or for sitting walls around a patio.  There are pictures of both types of stones under stonework in our gallery.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are simple.  They retain a large amount of material in a small area.  Since they are man made you can stack one on top of the other to gain height quickly.  

We often use retaining walls when installing a paver patio.  They give you a larger level area to work with.  This in return allows us to make the patio larger.  

This retaining wall on the left was needed for this walk out basement.

Sitting Walls

Sitting walls are like a railing for your patio you can use to sit on.  They are decorative built in furniture.  They help enclose your patio to make it more intimate.  We often add lights to the wall to give your patio a warm glow in the evening.  Sitting walls are very popular around firepits.  It is a wall to rest and relax on built into your patio and very low maintenance.